Our tips for a cool urban style

The puffer jacket has become a must-have, an iconic garment that allows facing the coldest seasons without compromising on style and personality: it’s arguably the perfect jacket, so versatile you can wear it day and night, 24/7, on your most hectic days in the city as well as during trips.
Options are infinite, so how do you pick the perfect down coat?

The color for all occasions

The color for all occasions... simply doesn’t exist! Truth is, there are no rules for choosing the most suitable color. Just get inspired by your mood and pick the one that’s closest to your style. Plain or patterned, the key Is feeling comfortable when you are wearing it. While the puffer jacket definitely stands out more when in bright colors - great to brighten up the Winter days, as well as any look - it is equally true that only one thing matters: making it your inseparable ally in all of your adventures!

Does your down jacket need a hood?

Hood is definitely in trend: along with bringing versatility to the silhouette of the jacket, it’s warmer than a beanie and makes it so you can play down the more formal attires or adds a cool detail to a more casual look. Whatever you prefer, make sure the ensemble features a contemporary design that focuses on painstaking attention to detail, and an urban-chic touch.

Lightweight, heavyweight? Long or short cut?

The good rule of thumb for puffer jackets is to pick a lightweight for the Fall, and a heavyweight for the Winter (or colder temperatures), but rules are made to be broken, and it’s fun to find your own style no matter the temperatures. Why not pair wool and cashmere looks with a lightweight puffer coat, or match heavy cotton sweaters with lightweight puffer jackets? This mix&match style celebrates a unique, timeless way to interpret this fun must-have.

The lengths available are infinite, from short waist-length puffer jackets to long oversized padded coats, while volumes play with hues and details - such as zip, pockets, and fun pattern.

The most important question of all

When it comes to knowing how to choose a puffer jacket, only one thing matters: how that specific jacket makes you feel when you are wearing it. Imagine yourself traveling through the most international cities in the world - New York, Hong Kong, Sidney - walking on the streets, exploring unknown places, meeting new people, or sipping champagne on the highest mountain top. Yes, wearing an iconic piece means also being able to daydream.

All options are valid if you can feel yourself when you are wearing them, ready to face the world and its endless possibilities. So why choose only one style? The best puffer jacket is the best puffer jacket for you, today. Tomorrow, another Duvetica puffer jacket awaits for more adventures together...