Duvetica, the premium padding shaped by timeless Italian spirit.

Born in 2004, the Brand was acquired by F&F in 2018, a company listed on the Seoul Stock Exchange and which has long been operating in the fashion sector in Far East

The Duvetica identity is a timeless style and shaped by premium Italian padding. It is the story of an unorthodox normality; an idiosyncratic take on ‘the generic’, crafted over years to appear effortlessly unpretentious, yet upon closer inspection it is ingeniously personal and unique with a constant eye on digitalization.

The soul of the brand is reflected in Duvetica’s collections.

The creation of each collection starts from researching materials, shapes, and colors that express a contemporary reinterpretation according to the brand vision. The collections are always up-to-date and fresh with details to render each garment a unique and timeless piece. 

Beyond the main collections, Duvetica features special projects like collaborations, limited-edition products, patterns or color palettes, personalization or customization elements, or new accessories.



Our mission is to interpret contemporary style through a uniquely Italian perspective with lighthearted sense of humor and boundless curiosity.

Duvetica Products are Stories Each product has it’s own name with a background story.

Duvetica Colors are Stories, the colors have names that references a specific mood or atmosphere.

Duvetica Events are Stories, every Duvetica event has a compelling narrative hook, it is never simply a gathering, there is a purpose, a story to tell.

Duveticani are Digital Natives engaged with the contemporary world.

We are Techno-Romantic: through the different digital supports and techniques we want to create a new the way of communicate with the young target and to promote imagination, to restore the role of genius and to bring about a unity. 

Always Innovate, we continuously seek ways to innovate, to create new and unexpected digital experiences.